The following is the new 2018 unified Japan fee structure for Shorin Kempo

Branch chief 10,000 Yen per year
Dojo operator license ( fixed permanent ) 10,000 Yen per year
Temporary Dojo license ( practicing in a school or hall that is not a permanent dojo ) 5000 Yen per year
Shorin Kempo ID cards 1000 yen ( Dojo keeps 500 yen) all Shorin members must have ID Card.
Kyu grade Free ( no charge for Kyu grades) certificate template supplied by Hombu
Shodan Ho  ( provisional Blackbelt with no stripe) Certificate only: 5000 Yen
Shodan ( full Shodan with 1 stripe ) includes belt and Japanese Dan certificate: 10,000 Yen
Nidan includes belt and Japanese Dan certificate: 10,000 Yen
Sandan includes belt and Japanese Dan certificate: 10,000: Yen
Yondan includes belt and Japanese Dan certificate: 15,000 Yen
Godan includes belt and Japanese Dan certificate, Dogi, and black Shihan Kempo top: 50,000 Yen
National Branch Chief receives 25% of all grading fees.
Branch Chief can grade up to Shodan-ho only
Only Kancho can grade Full shodan upwards 
5th Dan or Godan can only be graded in Japan



Form A-1 Request for Dojo Affiliation  (CLICK HERE)

This form is for new Styles or Dojos that wish to apply to change to Shorin Kempo Kaikan. Once the form is completed you need to click the Submit Button. The kaikan will review your request and if they agree you will be contacted for further information and documentation in relation to your request to affiliate. Only the Hombu Dojo and Kaikan Kancho can give permission to amalgamate your Dojo with Shorin Kempo Kaikan. Branch chiefs do not have this authority. You will be contacted and required to produce the following items:

  1. A copy of your current dan certificate based on Japanese grading
  2. A photo of your Dojos from the street and inside
  3. A recent class group photo and of you teaching
  4. A written explanation why you are leaving your current organization and style to join Shorin Kempo
  5. History of Martial arts
  6. Copy of ID
  7. A list of names and grades of current instructors affiliated with your Dojo.

Form D-1 Permanent Independent Dojo License For Dojos that are full time and occupy a premise (CLICK HERE)

This is for new Dojos to register the current Instructors who have been previously graded and are now operating within the instructors or branch chiefs Dojo, it is a very simple process and can be completed online by completing form A-3. Without the initial registration of these instructors they will not and are not permitted to operate under the banner of Shorin Kempo nor when it comes time for them to grade will the Kaikan authorize as there must be a starting point where the newly affiliated Dojo registers their instructors in the Kaikan. WARNING …this is only done once as a newly affiliated Dojo and there is no charge. However, after the initial registration, this process cannot be used again. This is to prevent instructors using this loophole to issue grades. Any grades issued after this initial process must follow standard Dan promotion procedures.

FORM B-1 Temporary Dojo license registration (CLICK HERE)

This is a compulsory free process done yearly to monitor growth and expansion of the Kaikan under individual instructors and the umbrellas of their individual networks. It is a simple annual process with no charge done by completing the Form B-1 on the 1st month of each year.

FORM B-3 Request for Dan Promotion (CLICK HERE)

This form is for current registered Blackbelts that an Instructor or Branch chief nominate for Dan promotion. Upon the completion of the Form B-3 online, the Hombu researches the history of the nominated person based on his previous grades etc and makes a decision to accept the nomination or deny it. Only the Hombu has the right to this decision. Those applying for Uchi Deshi Grade to attend grading in Japan or Thailand need an accompanying letter of recommendation from the national Branch Chief. The cost varies on the grade. Until all instructors are cleared to grade and the amalgamation process has been completed with instructors being fully aware of the syllabus, the Hombu will send a grading instructor once a year to your regions to supervise and oversee grading until the 3 year probation period is up for affiliated Dojos. Shorin Kempo Kaikan believes that regional gradings are a great way to unite members on a single platform.

FORM B-4 Registration of Kyu Grade (CLICK HERE)

This is one of the most important parts of the Kaikan as the monitoring of Kyu grades prevents irregularities in Blackbelt grades being issued. No branch Chief or Instructor may issue a grade in Shorin Kempo without the full history of the applicant which the Hombu can monitor via the online registration process. No Shodan can grade if his or her history is not registered with the Hombu. The process is free and simple. It can be completed online. Every time a student is graded you will automatically receive a reference number for that grade which should be put on the Kyu grade certificate issued by the instructor. The process is fully automatic and numbers issued immediately after filling out the online Form B-4. Templates for Kyu grades are also available online. With issuing of your ID card pin number, you have full access to the administration section of the website. Once you click submit the student will be able to see his or her name and current grade online within 48 hrs.


This is compulsory to all members within 30days of a student joining, without this card the student is not a member of Shorin and their names and grades not recognized. For every card issued the dojo or branch chief that the dojo operates under receives $5. This process is simple and can be done online by filling out form M-1, you will receive an auto-response reference number for each application. Dojo's or branch chiefs will be invoiced on the 30th of each month based on the number of cards issued. This gives them time to collect the fee from the students. This is a lifetime one-off charge. However, if the card is lost or The student requires a new card the cost is $5 plus postage.