FORM A-1 Request for Afilliation

This form is for new Styles or Dojos that wish to apply to change to Shorin Kempo Kaikan. Once the form is completed you need to click the Submit Button. The kaikan will review your request and if they agree you will be contacted for further information and documentation in relation to your request to affiliate. Only the Hombu Dojo and Kaikan Kancho can give permission to amalgamate your Dojo with Shorin Kempo Kaikan. Branch chiefs do not have this authority. You will be contacted and required to produce the following items:

  1. A copy of your current dan certificate based on Japanese grading
  2. A photo of your Dojos from the street and inside
  3. A recent class group photo and of you teaching
  4. A written explanation why you are leaving your current organization and style to join Shorin Kempo
  5. History of Martial arts
  6. Copy of ID
  7. A list of names and grades of current instructors afilliated with your Dojo.


Initial Cost $300 USD (Recurring Annual Fee of $100 USD)

Shorin Kempo Obi (Belt) Included
Shorin Kempo Dogi Included
WKO Dan Certificate Included
Shorin Kempo Dan Certificate Included
ID Card Included


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