FORM B-3 Application For Dan promotion and grading

This form is for current registered Blackbelts that an Instructor or Branch chief nomanate for Dan promotion. Upon the completion of the Form B-3 online the hombu reshearches the history of the nominated person based on his previous grades etc and makes a dicision to accept the nomination or denie it . Only the hombu has the right for this desission. Those applying for Uchi Deshi Grade to attend grading in Japan or Thailand need an accompanying letter of recommendation from the national Branch Chief. The cost varies on the grade. Until all instructors are cleared to grade and the amalgamation process has been completed with instructors being fully aware of syllabus, the Hombu will send a grading instructor once a year to your regions to supervise and oversee grading until the 3 year probation period is up for affiliated Dojos. Shorin Kempo Kaikan believes that regional gradings are a great way to unite members on a single platform.



Shodan Ho - Sandan

Yondan and Higher
$150 USD $ 250 USD

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