FORM B-4 Registration of Kyu Grade

This is one of the most important parts of the Kaikan as the monitoring of Kyu grades prevents irregularities in Blackbelt grades being issued. No branch Chief or Instructor may issue a grade in Shorin Kempo with out the full history of the applicant which the Hombu can monitor via the online registration process. No Shodan can grade if his or her history is not registered with the Hombu. The process is free and simple. It can be completed online. Every time a student is graded you will automatically receive a reference number for that grade which should be put on the Kyu grade  certificate issued by the instructor. The process is fully automatic and numbers issued immediately after filling out the online Form B-4. Templates for Kyu grades are also available online. With issuing of your ID card pin number you have full access to the administration section of the website. Once you click submit the student will be able to see his or her name and current grade online with in 48 hrs.                                    

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