This is compolsary to all members with in 30days of a student of joining, with out this card the studnt is not a member of Shorin and their names and grades not recognized. For every card issued there is a fee of $10 USD of which the the dojo or branch chief that the dojo operates under recieves $5. This procces is simple and can be done online by filling out form M-1, you will receive an auto reponse reference number for each application. Dojo's or branch chiefs will be ivoiced on the 30th of each month based on the amont of cards issued. This gives them time to collect the fee from the students. This is a life time one off charge. However if the card is lost or The student requires a new card the cost is $5 plus postage.

Add as many card requests as needed. Put each request on a seperate line using the following format:

(First Name) (Lastname); (Rank);

Should look like this:

John Doe; 1st Kyu;
Jane Doe; 3rd Kyu;


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