The RTA Military Police Academy Thailand

  • Major General Teera

The Military Police Academy of Thailand initially trains the elite and continually ensures they maintain a high standard of military techniques.

The art of Shorin Kempo was introduced to the Academy in 1991 by Sifu Robert McInnes, a teacher there for the past 13 years instructing special units in hand to hand combat. Over the past 10 year the Military Police academy has produced a number of Black Belts under the Shorin Kempo System.

  • Major General Tera Nowangwahra (5th dan Black Belt Instructor)
  • Major Manit Supkamon (shodanInstructor)
  • Sgt Maj Amornlut Mesup (shodan Instructor)
  • Sgt Maj Weerasin Somjun (shodan Instructor)
  • Sgt Maj Boonchua Pramnoi (shodan Instructor)
  • Corp. Writichai Duangyai (shodan Instructor)

The system of Shorin Kempo is best suited to the Military and law enforcement due to its practicality and adaptation to real life situations proven time and time again in the field. The system taught to the Academy has been refined with all the nonessential elements removed to leave a practical art of hand to hand combat.

The Military police play a major part in law enforcement and anti terrorism in Thailand with officers deployed all over the country, the need to have a competent hand to hand art is essential. With a proven track record, the men of the Academy stand by Sifu Kancho and the art Shorin Kempo as a practical and efficient art of hand to hand combat.