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The Shorin Kempo System taught at the Honbu originated for Sir Gee Dorr Shaolin Kung fu. You might say its the Evolution of the this art which has created Shorin Kempo The Master of the Honbu (Kancho Sifu) has catered to and trained some of the best martial artists and fighters in the world. We pride ourselves in ensuring the training at the school is first class.

The Art of Shorin Kempo Kung Fu has also been taught at the Military Police Academy of Thailand for the past 19 years due to its practicality and easy adaptation to real life hand to hand combat situations.

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The Honbu is not just Gym or Headquarters for the system but its based on unity and family, most members have been involved and trained at the Dojo for many years, and the are many who travel from around the world to study and lean from the teachers at the Honbu.  The Shorin Kempo Honbu holds a lot of respect in the Japan due to the standard of its fighter who are always in the top 5 in almost every competition enter in.

The South East Asian International School of Martial Arts Has produced a Record number of great champions throughout the world on the Knock Down Karate tournament curcit such as Judd Reid the 2010 WKO open weight Champion , Mongkong Kaled the 2010 WKO middle weight champion and the 2009 Byakuren middle weight world champion , Mohomad Barami open weight Okinawa open Karate Champion , Somchai winner shodan divison Byakuren weight tournament 2009, Junior Robert McInnes Okinawa open karate Champion middle weight 2012 , John Angus Kyokushin Samurai cup open weight champion colored belt devistion 2009, Tae Kwon winner Byakuren Colored belt division 2008. and a top line up of Women Fighters such as Suwita Yodkong (Minto) Osaka open Karate championships Open weight junior high school .shorin kempo honbu www.shorin-kempo.com 16

Also not to mention of the top fighters in the world use The International School of Martial arts as their base for training for major fights in MMA , K1 and Muay Thai.

Peter Aerts 3 times K1 Champion, Yodsanan 3K the WBA 130lbs world champion, Daniel Dawson the ISKA & WMTA world champion and K1 fighter, Sukmongkol Sit Chochork 5 times world champion Muay Thai, Remy Bojenski K1 fighter, Pedro Rizzo, UFC Champion, , Nick Kara WMTA champion, The Tank (Lort Tung) Muaythai Champion , Rambo Song ISS Muay Thai Champion, Yodumlung Singwancha former WBA world Champion 122lbs....these are just to name a few

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The Reason for the great success of the Shorin kempo Kaikan, is due to the systems ability to evolve and adapt to the current times where many systems of martial arts fail to do so.

The Honbu has an open doors policy and instructors ,Senseis and Shihans form all over the world travel to the honbu to increase knowledge and just to reunite as the family and unity that the Honbu has with its members creates a great atmosphere which tends to bring people back to the centre time and time again from all sorts of different styles of Martial Arts.

shori kempo martia art mag 24 SmallalljapanOne of the great assets the Honbu has is its link with both the Government of Thailand, the Military , japan and the World Kumite Organization (www.world-kumite.org) The Honbu is one of the only official registered Martial Arts Schools licensed as mart of the Royal Thai Government Ministry of Education. In fact Thais can obtain credits for their higher education by completing their Shodan and use them in a bachelors degree, Those obtaining shodan have to option to be issued a teaching licence by the Ministry to teach in any school through out Thailand Martial Arts through Physical Education Programs . And for International members all shodans are automatically registered with the WKO and their grades officially recognized worldwide by all member organizations to the WKO and Japan.