Shorin Kempo Riki Dojo

Nino Australia


3/148 Mc Clelland Avenue

Lara Victoria 3212


ph +613409930992

Instructor Sensei Nino

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Riki Martial Arts and Fitness is an Australian Branch of the Sth East Asia International School of Martial Arts and a member of the World Kumite Organisation. Riki Martial Arts and Fitness and the Head Instructor Nino Di Pasquale (4th Dan Shorin Kempo Kaikan Karate) brings a unique brand of Shorin Kempo Karate to his training syllabus. Influenced by his experience in Kyokushin Karate, Seidokaikan Karate and training with Sam Greco (former world kickboxing and karate champion) along with the Shorin Kempo Syllabus by Sifu McInnes, Sensei Nino Di Pasquale provides a training platform that incorperates traditional and modern fighting sports. With the association of Sifu McInness (8th Dan Kancho of the World Kumite Organisation, Shorin Kempo & the Sth East Asia International School of Martial Arts) Riki Martial Arts and Fitness brings diversity and strength in the training syllabus and competition opportunities for its students specialising in full contact free style karate and kickboxing. The head instructor Nino Di Pasquale trained in both Kyokushin and Seidokain Karate and was for many years a student of Slam "em Sam Greco. Nino has competed in state, national and international full contact karate as well as kickboxing and other karate events. Nino has also trained a number of fighters with a range of success in state and national events.