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Sifu Robert McInnes

(8th Dan Tai Shan graded Master)

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Kancho (Sifu McInnes ) known for his hard core methods of training and has trained some of the best fighters in the world such as Peter Aerts 3 times K1 champion, Stan The Man5 times world champion, Pedro Rizzo UFC world champion, Yodsanan 3k the WBA 130lbs world boxing champion, Yodumlung the former WBA 122lbs world champion, Daniel Dawson ISKA world champion and K1 fighter, Albert Klaus K1 world champion, Chatchai Paiseetong 3 times lumpinee world champion, The tank (Lort Tung, Sukmongkol Sitchuchork 5 time world champion, Rambo II the ISS Muay Thai Champion, Nick Kara, Judd Reid World Kumite Champion and many more, these are just to nsifuwithprinceame a few.

Sifu Kancho is one of the very few that has managed to understand and define the art of fighting using traditional methods, and have great success.

His philosophy is that all fighting systems have the same base, its how you evolve that base foundation that will result in success. He has proven beyond a doubt that this philosophy works in all aspects of training and fighting, also in other sports as well. In 1992 Sifu Kancho took on two fighters one 15 yrs old and the other 13yrs old Yodsanan 3k and Yoddumlung as they are known today from 1992 to 2002 these two boys lived, ate, and slept at Sifu Kancho private estate. In this eight year period, both boys whom had never fought before in their lives had straight win victories without a loss all the way to the WBA world title of which they both won. During all this time, only Sifu Kancho trained them using his philosophy and methods of training. Although, we are talking about international boxing, the punching and basic philosophy is the same as Shorin Kempo. Sifu Kancho believes it's just a case of adapting the traditional movement and evolving it into whatever system or method of fighting you are using.

Sifu Kancho started his Martial arts at the age of 5 yrs old and practiced his Martial arts (then Kung Fu) everyday, when he grew up he had a passion that ate at him to learn more.....Sifu Kancho traveled to China where he spent 4 years with Master Shi Zui at Taishan, where he mastered the teachings of Shi Zui for of martial arts( a branch of Shoalin) being until this day the only westerner accepted by Master Shi Zui as an inner student (or as we know it today Uchideshi) In the seventies to the eighties, Sifu Kancho traveled the world competing in competitions mainly in Kung Fu kumite's and other fights held throughout Asia of which he became very successful. By doing this he found he needed to find a way to evolve his system to work in real life situations but not lose sight of the traditional system at the same time. In the 1980's to 1993 Sifu Kancho returned to New Zealand full time to Built his school of which became a very succeful school. In those days Sifu run the schools under the Banners of Sir Gee Dorr Kung fu,shorin kempo japan tournament 1

Sifu's love for Asia is what bought him back in the early 90's to the land where martial arts evolved and is given the respect it deserves. Sifu has taught every day for decades passing on the knowledge he has acquired through years of training in the martial arts. After travelling back to China in 1996-7 to where he begain his Sir Gee Dorr training he saw that the systems had become very tourisum orientatied , and with the death of Master Shi Zui so had his system vanished and dwindled away to become more of a Wushu system than a fighting system. At this point, Sifu Kancho began to evolve the system of Sir Gee Dorr as we new it in to the Shorin Kempo and amalgamated with the Japanese systems as we know today and his Honbu Dojos are famous for.

shorin kempo honbu  pedro rizzoSifu Kancho is probably one of the very few in the world that is accepted as an equal amongst the japanese masters , so much that he lead over 300 Japanese Shihans and sensei's in the WKO (World Komite Organization) His skill is unquestionably among the top masters in Japan. Sifu Kancho can honestly say he has either trained or taught martial arts nearly everyday of his adult life. In Thailand, Sifu Kancho has received numerous awards from people as high ranking as the Crowned Prince of Thailand for his achievements in Martial arts and help with charities. He is without a doubt the most recognized westerner in Thailand in the Martial arts and boxing. Nearly everyone involved in either Muay Thai Boxing or martial arts knows of his name. In fact he was Awarded the a White Mongkong from the great Khu Yodtong the founder of Sityodtong .

Thai fighters, K1, and MMA experts from all over travel to study with him to learn boxing skills and punching .

From 1993 To the present Day Sifu Kancho has been the Hand to Hand full time Chief instructor for the Royal Thai Military Police Academy. From 2007 to 2012 He was appointed as the Head Instructor for the Pattaya SWAT by Col Nopadon, the then Chief of Police for the Pattaya Region. At Present Sifu Kancho is back full time teaching the Royal Thai Military Police .




His Thailand Shorin Kempo has produced many great champions that compete regularly in Japan such as :

  • Shihan Judd Reid, the 2010 world Kumite Champion open weight
  • Sensei Baharami, the 2011 All japan middle weight runner up and the Okinawa middle weight champion 2010
  • Sensei Junior McInnes (his Son) at 15 won the 2012 Okinawan Open Tournament
  • Sempai Suwipa (Minto) Yodkong at 15 won the womens 2012 Okinawa Open Tournament